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Honda Goldwing
Illusion Red
I purchased this bike from the original owner. A true 1 owner bike. I bought it from a dealership in my area after I took it out on a test ride. At the time I was riding my 1991 GL1500 SE that was involved in a minor accident. Cager decides to make left turn in right lane and not looking before he turned. The Wing suffered some damage but the worst was the Markland foot rest went thru the valve cover when I had to lay her down before impact with his car. It all happened so fast. Fast forward, leave my drs office and head down the road to the dealer. Asked if I may take it out for an hour test ride- all she wrote. I fell in love with the way the bike handles. Such an upgrade from my 1500. Brought my g/f back out to ride with me again on another test ride and she loves it too. SOLD. found out the original owners name from the opening ceremony, contacted him. We met and he has every piece of documented paperwork ever done on this Wing. Was always garage kept. I bought it with 91,000 miles on her. She now has 94,322 and is parked for the season, plus I just had knee revision surgery.
2001 Honda Goldwing GL1800A (Illusion Red)


I installed a set of Kury handlebar risers/setbacks and do enjoy the feeling better.
Wheel and Tire
I also installed the powerplate for future upgrades. I wanna do a lot of leds. I also have some heated geat that I wanna install too.



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