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Honda Goldwing
GL1800A- ABS
General Blue
I bought this from an angel who took it from a Goldwing rider who needed money to pay for his last day above ground....Sad story but the bike was in real need of help from the life it had, moving under its feet and life tumbing was in an abandoned back yard high grass, chock vines and thorny weeds, baking in the hot sun and Texas flood thunder storms. It only has about 25K miles when I got it. Sold it to me without a title, because the owner had died and the brother had no idea where it was. I paid cash in hand, for the weak, limping, injured, heart broken, bike which soul was good, but doomed for the bike scavengers....It started for me and as I drove it home about 35 miles away, I was having to do crazy things with throttle and gears to find its strength to limp and make it to its new home. I though I would be stranded but it wanted to be ridden. It was confusing and it was actually falling apart and I though I was crazy for attempting to ride it as I got it to home base . I immediately got a beer, washed it down, changed the oil and filter, put in new spark plugs, and it started up and sounded good....I took it apart and started detailing out the rat nest, bird shi$%^t, yellow jacket and dirt dabber nests. Checked and cleaned all the fluids and bleed the brakes, changed the air filter. Drained the tank and added some new gas and fuel cleaner....MAN....when I started it up and drove it down the street after that.. the Goldwing was so ran like the champion it is....WOW it felt nice and thankful.....I took a chance on a broken down bike and it paid off....It lives in a air conditioned garage now and is taken good care of.....I also put in another new battery, new tires, seat, wind shield, light bulbs, break pads, front shocks had to be rebuilt. ...Title will be in my name this August 2019.
2002 Honda Goldwing GL1800A- ABS (General Blue)


New front and rear Dunlop tire as per Manufacturers recommendation.
All original, but the gold emblems are all removed, due to them no being completely all there...falling off in its past life.
Front shock rebuilt
New OEM seat
Wheel and Tire
LED accessory and riding lights around bike.
Ring of fire LED lights on front and back wheels.
LED high and low beams



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