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  1. 2001 GL1800A Trunk Pocket Hinge Replacement

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I need to replace the hinge on the left trunk pocket. I have all the parts, but can't tell how they actually go back together. Does anyone have a diagram or video that shows how the pieces fit. The diagrams in the parts catalogs are not specific enough. Thank you.
  2. Welcome from Minnesota

    Wisconsin (WI)
    Greetings! Greg here from Rosemount (SE Twin Cities Burbs), MN. I was told by wapkap that the Wisconsin board is where the action is happening! I just purchased Wade and Karmen's 2001 GL1800ABS. Low (<60k) miles and tons of extras. So far I am having a great time on it! I never imagined...
  3. GL1800 Honda OEM windshield (non vented) for sale- like new condition.

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Hi fellow wingers- I have a 2001 stock non vented Honda windshield that has been safely packed in bubble wrap inside a Windshield box since I got the bike. I'd be surprised if the bike had 100 miles on it before I pulled the windshield. I ordered the aftermarket one while I was waiting for my...
  4. Intercom whine harness install tip for '01s

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Hello, all. Yesterday I installed the "intercom alternator whine reducer" harness (officially called "ACG Line Noise Sub-Harness P/N 32190-MCA-305) in my 2001 GL1800. Ran into a couple items I thought it might be helpful for others to know if they're considering installing this harness. Fred has...