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  1. For Sale Corbin Seat 2014

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Corbin black heated seat with driver back rest. The seat was taken off of a 2014 GL1800. It will fit a 2012-2017 GL1800. My wife's feet will not reach the passenger floorboards with the Corbin seat installed; she is too short. I am located in South Central Virginia not far from the NC state line.
    $600 USD
  2. General MC Message Board
    Yes! I said a new, 2014 GW. It's a 250 and it's from ... Suzuki. It has a standard seating position and special features to make beginner friendly and good for urban riding. Learn more here.
  3. Texas (TX)
    RAT Ride 2014, 3500 miles in 3.5 days. Who is up for the challenge and the fun? I know 3500 miles in 3.5 days sounds like a lot of riding, it is, but we had a blast last year riding it with a merry little band and some great friendships were born. Here is last year's RAT ride...
1-3 of 4 Results