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  1. Rides, Trips and Events
  2. GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Great savings... Paladin- National Cycle Comfort bars-& hardware (not shown) ONLY $195. + $15. shipping. Almost a 30% discount from MSRP. Better than a black Friday sale.
  3. 2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    Put on first 500 miles and changed the oil/filter/dct filter along with the rear end fluid. Rear end was ~25% low while oil was a hair low. Short center stand legs + large capacity drain pan made it a bit of a pain, but finished in about 2 hours with breaks from the GA heat. Just a habit...
  4. 2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    Hello long time lurker from Atlanta, but finally registered yesterday. My riding style has changed as I age to more longer distance rides with some curves and/or lunch from on-road/off-road local blasts at near warp speed. Trouble is what's comfortable for a few hours, isn't for 6 (there and...
  5. General MC Message Board
    I haven't posted in forever, but after having the opportunity to spend about 10 hours in the saddle of a Traxxion-equiped 2018, I figured someone out there might be interested in my impressions.
  6. GL1800 Tech Board
    F4 Customs Inc. announces their new windshields for the Goldwing 2018 Coming Soon. F4 is now taking pre-orders for the new 2018 Goldwing Windshields. These are going to be made in three sizes: GL1800-2018-16 RE-CURVE This shield is 16" tall with a re-curve which is the same height that the...
1-6 of 6 Results