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    I just published a little read-aloud short story for Amazon Kindle. It is currently at #12 on one of their Hot New Titles lists. If you or your spouse likes to read bedtime stories to the kids, they might really enjoy this little tale. You can download it to Kindle, iPad, iPhone or Android. It...
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    UPDATE: More than 175 board members asked to read a preview copy of "The Bite Me Diet." Thank you so much for your interest. The free preview offer is now closed. I look forward to reading your reviews on To write your review, just follow this link, then log into your Amazon...
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    Hey all. I just published a Kindle novel over at It isn't a "Gold Wings are Murder" mystery. I'm only about 30% done with the first one of those. But it does have motorcycles in it. I can't tell you how motorcycles fit into the story without giving away a plot twist, but they're in...