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  1. Simple Android Launchers for Parents/Grandparents

    The OTE
    Has anyone recently setup an Android phone or have some personal experience using an Android phone with a launcher dedicated for seniors or others with big buttons and dead-on operator simplicity? I'm referring to Android (sorry, no iOS) launchers like Wiser, Big Launcher, etc. (See...
  2. Bubbler GPS Android app - Initial Review

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Bubbler GPS I learned a bit about this a couple of months ago from a mail list that I'm on. The premise with this software is to make the collection of GPS points onto a Google Map provided by (Thanks to +Jason Jonas) using my Android phone (currently, Motorola Droid Razr...
  3. Lack of Android Track messages with Spotwalla?

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Posted this on the Spotwalla message group over on Google as well...let's see what kind of response I can get from the astute readers here. In my first beginner attempts at using the HTC Incredible (1st gen) and the Spotwalla/Latitude functionality, I've tried a couple of trips...I guess I'm...