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  1. Need to replace my Battery

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I have a 2010 GOLDWING with the original battery. :crying: It has finally died on me :crying: , I am looking to replace it with same quality but prefer better than factory. I was thinking of a jel cel battery. What are your thoughts and what is a good replacement, were is a good place to get it...
  2. Battery Concerns

    General MC Message Board
    I've had my '12 darn near four years now. Getting ready for the 64,000 mile oil and filter change this Thursday. Was hoping to get your thoughts on me buying a new battery and keeping it on the shelf for when the current battery goes. My nearest dealer is quite a ways away and I'm not event...
  3. Best Accessory you can buy!

    CTEK Chargers
    In the northern states, its not quite riding season yet, but we are all chomping at the bit. The last thing you want is to go to start up your bike on that first great day to find you have a dead battery. Prevent it now... maintain, charge, and recondition your battery with a CTEK Battery...
  4. OEM Battery Side Covers

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    I have both Mother Honda's right and left sides in Black (could be painted I suppose?). Fits a 2006 GL1800 (I think nothing has changed 2005-2011 0r 2012). Pictures are availble. Simply ask [email protected] Current OEM list price is $94.00 per side. These are like new....... MAKE...
  5. M-B C230 Keeps Going Dead

    The OTE
    I have 1997 Mercedes C230 sedan that is my backup vehicle. Sadly, the battery keeps going dead. Dead! It load tests okay. The charger is putting out voltage at the lower limit for normal, but still normal. But, this vehicle is constantly loosing light bulbs, blowing out, constantly. The over...
  6. Video: Install Kisan chargeGUARD Battery Monitor

    How To, Step-by-Step
  7. Walmart battery # please?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I am in a bind and just need a quick fix to start the bike, a GL1800 from 2001. The battery is donzo and does not hold the charge. I already did a quick search in this forum, though I could not come up with the correct info. Also, I know they are not the best ones, nor they last long enough, and...
  8. EC mounted volt meter reading?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    What does your volt meter read when you ride down the road, or stopped at a light? Mine reads between 12-14 and would like to know if that is normal. I do see the lights dim at times with backing off the throttle, but only a very, very small dim. Something you would not notice if not paying...
  9. where can I get thee best price on Deka battery

    GL1800 Tech Board
    My Yuasa battery won't take a charge after 2 years of use and being on a battery tender when not in use. I've decided to try a Deka battery. Where can I get THEE best price on a Deka for a GL1800??? Thanks.