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  1. GL1800 Tech Board
    I recently bought a great 2004 GL1800. This bike came with a Bike mp3 CB, the GL2way Evolution unit. The CB radio itself is not working, I know that it is the actual CB unit as, for a test I substituted another unit into the bike and it worked OK. I know that Bike mp3 is out of business so I am...
  2. Electronic motorcycle devices
    Got my new Evolution CB last week and wasted no time installing it. The first time I fired it up, it worked great. The next day, I turned the key to acc and noticed my Intercom was off. I switched it on and then hit the CB button. The dreaded CB Error message came up on the display. I tried...
  3. Electronic motorcycle devices
    Petro I have a couple of questions on the mp3 player/cd player. Can I split the the DISKS 6 or so between the SD card and the USB port card? Say 4 Disk file on the SD and two on a memory stick. I would like to run a standard set on the SD card and run a USB cable out to a easy to asses Memory...
1-3 of 3 Results