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  1. Electronic motorcycle devices
    In 2012 the software used to load songs for the BikeMP3 and J&M digital music players was updated to include the 2012 GL1800 as well. The 2012 GL1800's integrated radio essentially has the same USB drive interface as almost all automotive in-dash radios. We installed a new radio with an MP3...
  2. Electronic motorcycle devices
    Customer service does not exsist after they get your money! You have been warned!
  3. Maintenance & Accessory Log
    Like many, I was running an ipod through the AUX plug. Decided to try the BikeMP3 player in the trunk for more control over songs. This is one of the easiest, most enjoyable additions I have made to my bike (ok, the kids like the Rivco armrests). I even cheaped out and got a used one from...
  4. GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    I have a new GL2Way unit without CB for sale. I bought it a couple of months ago to use with my ham radio but it doesn't work out the way I wanted. Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't do what I want. Main cable was installed in wing, but is clean. GL2Way never permanently installed, just...
1-4 of 4 Results