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  1. Blondies Birthday RTE (Aug 12th)

    Florida (FL)
    :hb2: :hb2: :hb2: Please join Blondie and celebrate her birthday Date: Friday Aug 12th Location: Castaways restaurant (off Rt 40, in Aster) Time: Meet around 10:30 to kick tires and tell stories, sit down at 11 :eat1: Please reply with head count if you're attending so the...
  2. Happy Birthday Tom Finch

    General MC Message Board
    The opening page of the forum says today is your birthday. We haven't met, but I put your premium Tailwind trailer in a murder mystery I'm writing. The lead is an engineer/entrepreneur on a four corners tour of this great nation. What ELSE would he own? Happy birthday and many more. I'll be...