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blue ridge parkway

  1. Follow up to Blue Ridge Parkway post

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    Has anyone created a 2 day ride that encompasses most of the better riding / scenic routes around BRP, Cherahola, Dragon, Road to Nowhere, 215, 28 etc. Or a 3 day that includes the Park? Also looking for the 'must see/do and areas to avoid'. With so much great riding in that area there is no...
  2. Mid-October 4 week ride, BRP & Smokies, info needed

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    My wife and I plan on leaving south florida October 10th for four weeks, heading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and then southwest down to the Smokies, the Dragon, etc. We'll be towing an Escapade trailer, and hope to pitch a tent at several campgrounds during the trip. We'll stay in motels some...
  3. Blue Ridge Parkway--What's Do I Need to Know?

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    I'm planning a two-up trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'd like to ride the entire length in one trip. We will be leaving from near Charlotte, NC, riding up to VA, then down all the way to Cherokee, NC. This is our first long motorcycle trip in 25 years. I'm mostly a motorcycle commuter, but we...
  4. Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Tour

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    These are pics from my tour in '06 on my '05 wing. I now have an '08 same color but I'm keeping this baby! I've been doing some organizing w/my pics, came across these and decided to share. You can only post 5 pics here but the link will take you to a full screen slideshow of the rest. You can...