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brake recall

  1. California Sidecar Brake Recall

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    Received the 2015 notice regarding the new brake recall by Honda for both my 2002 two wheeler and 2008 CSC trike. Dealer said the recall applies to the 2002 but not to the 2008. It is my understanding that CSC uses the same linked brake system as the two wheel version. Does anyone have any...
  2. Secondary Master Cylinder Replacement (recall), Now at 2+weeks-anyone else?

    General MC Message Board
    When the recall/inspection notice came out, I took my 2010 Gold Wing in for inspection. It passed in late January. 3 weeks ago, my rear brake would not release and caused severe drag. I was only a mile from home so I slowly drove home and parked. I put the bike up on the center stand and...