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  1. Run Flat Pressure Questions

    Darkside Riders
    So, finally picked up my bike with a new Yokohama Avid ENVigor ZPS tire, but it is RAINING hard and supposed to rain all weekend. As I get used to the tire, what should I expect at the various tire pressures? I rode 1/2 hour home from the dealer at 36 psi, so I have that as my starting point...
  2. So, What is the Hot Setup?

    Darkside Riders
    Almost ready for a new set of sneakers. I ran two sets of Bridgestones and got 7,500 miles out of them. Grips was fine but had nasty wobble and pulling right with both sets. Now on E3s. Will get 10,000 miles. But slippery in the rain. Thinking about trying a set of Metzler 880s or 888s, but...
  3. Has anyone loaded their wing on the autotrain with a car tire on it?

    General MC Message Board
    My brother-in-law and I are planning a fall trip leaving central Florida on the auto-train and jumping off in Lorton Virginia. From there we will take the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway to Cherokee North Carolina. I was just checking out Amtak's web site and I see that they limit the size...
  4. Sluggish Steering?

    Darkside Riders
    I took the bike out for a ride this morning and the steering was very heavy. You might even call it sluggish and clunky. I turned around, parked the bike and checked it out. It took me a few minutes, but I eventually figured out the problem: I had mounted my new car tire on the front axle! Hate...
  5. Rear Tire for Pulling Trailer

    General MC Message Board
    Suggested by another thread, made into a poll for everyone to learn from. I put Bridgestone and other together because the Stones are so popular. The E3 is almost custom made for MC trailering, so that had to be a choice. Also, those alternative tires (you know, the ones who get their own...
  6. Ran Over A Nail At 8400 Miles On My 2012!!! Two Weeks Later Flat Again!!!

    Darkside Riders
    Two weeks and 500 miles later I ran over a piece of metal & had it plugged to get home. This is driving me to the "Dark Side" quick fast & in a hurry!!! I was thinking of ordering the tire online then taking it & my wheel in somewhere to have it mounted on the wheel, then putting it back on the...
  7. New to Darkside. 2008 Wing with Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 Run Flat 195/55/16

    Darkside Riders
    Hello all. I did a bunch of research and decided I wanted to try it. I contacted my mechanic (Buck) and low and behold he has been putting on Car Tires on the last 17 bikes he did, including his own. And here I thought I was going to have a hard time convincing him. It has been wonderful. I...