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  1. 2018 & Newer Goldwing Board
    I got my 2018 Tour DCT back from the dealer today - 18,000 mile maintenance. It is 30 deg in SE WI so was a brisk ride and I appreciated the heated seat/grips. Back to the point - before putting it to bed for the winter I had been dreading getting it on the center stand. I know it is technique...
  2. Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    PURCHASED - WTB Ride OFF CENTER STAND PURCHASED NEW CHROME UNIT FROM UNCLEJOHN FOR $140 SHIPPED - Would like to buy a NEW OR USED Ride OFF CENTER STAND, preferably in Black. Thanks in advance! Terry
  3. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    I have for sell, Off a new 2014 Candy Red Gold Wing with 180 miles during R18 Gold Wing reverse trike conversion. Both half's of front fender, $225. SOLD Set of front forks $400. SOLD Center and reg Kick stands together $50 SOLD You pay shipping, Please email me [email protected]
  4. General MC Message Board
    What ever happened to the idea of marketing a centerstand mudflap to keep nails, bolts and other detritus away from the rear tire? Someone here made one. I thought someone else was going to follow up with a marketable copy. Any takers? Any progress?
  5. GL1800 Tech Board
    Have the GW on a table lift, front is secure in the wheel vise and I've four ratchet straps properly holding it. Now I want to put it up on the center stand to remove the rear wheel. There's only 4 1/4" clearance between the bed of the table lift and the bottom of the engine case. Can't get a...
  6. GL1800 Tech Board
    Has anyone out there removed, cut down and re-installed the stock center stand? I know that for 175.00 to 200.00 you can buy a (EZ or RIDE-OFF) center stand but why not modify the stock stand.
  7. General MC Message Board
    Being new to the Goldwing (2008 NAV / ABS) I am looking for advice on how and when to use the Pre-load. I have used it to help get the bike up on the center stand. But that is about it. I am 5'9" & 240 lbs. When riding solo on the freeway what do you suggest for the setting? I do notice that...
  8. GL1800 Tech Board
    I dressed up and loaded the wing for work. when I left the grass driveway there was a dragging sound on the road. I saw the center stand was partway down. I kicked it up but it came right back down. I did not have time so threw everything in the car and came to work. I drive 41 miles and there...
1-8 of 8 Results