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  1. Downside of using Chatterbox?

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Are there MAJOR drawbacks using the Chatterbox bluetooth communicator that you know of? I bought a beautiful HJC IS-Max BT modular helmet from a local fellow because it FIT me (was reasonably priced) AND was designed with a recessed cavity on the side for a clean bluetooth through-the-shell...
  2. bluetooth headset???

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    I have a 2003 Goldwing that I bought used about 18 months ago. It did not come with any headsets or cords to use with the CB. I could buy a J&M headset for not much money that would let me use the CB and the stereo. I was also considering a bluetooth headset because I could use that with my...
  3. Edsets 3G Headset for Full Face Helmet

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Two complete Edsets 3G Headset for full face helmet. Needs the helmet mounting tape and foam spacer - available here for $9. Purchased 2009, used one year. Asking $104.00 per set, both for $155.00. USPS shipping lower 48 included. Paypal...
  4. Can You Explain Intercom Options?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    My wife and I bit the bullet and have a new 2012 abs due in August, BUT we don't understand the intercom options. The Honda intercom system is $550! Seams a little high. I don't know why I would want Blue Tooth when the bike is hard wired. So, what is the smart-affordable way to get...
  5. Experience/Opinions on J&M CMXBGL18 AUX Bluetooth integrator terminal

    General MC Message Board
    I couldn't find any reviews of this item. I expect my next GPS will have bluetooth(similar to zumo 660...waiting for one that takes voice commands) and my iphone bluetooth works great in the car, so I am thinking this would tie nicely to the wings intercom system. Thinking of using J&M elite...
  6. Help! What is most current CB model number?

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    I am in the process of purchasing a cb radio for the Wing. When reviewing the micro fiche, it states that SKU 08E95-MCA-100A supercedes SKU: 08E95-MCA-100, 08E95-MCA-101 and 08E95-MCA-102. Is this correct? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. For reference, I have checked the CB radio SKU on...