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  1. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    SOLD - Ultragard Transportor Cover - for Transport-Trailering-Storage Ultragard cover #4-894G protects your GL1800 or GL1500 from the elements encountered while trailering your bike; it doubles as a heavy duty outdoor or long term storage cover. It is designed to withstand highway speeds...
  2. General MC Message Board
    Hello, Y'all: I'm looking for a Gold Wing vector graphic or illustration that I can use for the cover of my "Gold Wings are Murder" mystery novel. I'm looking for something with a clear background that I can put on top of the other images. I only want to see the Wing with my other background...
  3. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    GOLD WING SKNZ MOTORYCLE COVER. Heavy Travel version. Have extra straps for better fit. Can see item on We paid $220 at last GWRRA rally. Only used once. Sold motorcycle for health reason. $120 plus postage.
  4. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    Side Covers 2006+ (OEM) OEM Honda NEW price is $94.99 Right side and Left side. My price is $35.00 for the pair. The color is a "Rich Dark Charcoal." Nearly New Condition You can Email me at [email protected]
  5. GL1800 Member Classifieds
    I have both Mother Honda's right and left sides in Black (could be painted I suppose?). Fits a 2006 GL1800 (I think nothing has changed 2005-2011 0r 2012). Pictures are availble. Simply ask [email protected] Current OEM list price is $94.00 per side. These are like new....... MAKE...
  6. GL1800 Tech Board
    I have not posted for a while ... recently had a heart attack and now it looks like I will need to store my GW for a while ... at least til spring. Need ideas on covers. I have a covered barn ... but do not want animals roosting, etc on my bike ... Need a good quality cover. Any suggestions?
  7. GL1800 Tech Board
    Looking more for an opinion or best suggestion. I am looking at getting a half cover for the short rides. I already own a full cover, but thought the half cover would be nice to have also. There are two most popular that I can find for half covers and wanted to know what you think. Kuryakyn...
1-7 of 8 Results