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  1. General MC Message Board
    Ayup. After 3 years of faithful service, my $12.00 Cramp Buster throttle rocker finally died. I picked up a new one on sale at my local Cycle World For $6.00 on sale. Balance has been restored to The Force and all is well. I love mine. How about you?
  2. GL1800 Tech Board
    Recently my speed odometer has been dropping out at the start of the ride. Sometimes it will regestor for a min or two then drop. After about 6 - 10 miles it comes back to life. Because the cruse control is tied into the speedo it doesn't work when the speedo drops out. This could prove to be a...
  3. General MC Message Board
    I have an '06 with an extended Honda Warranty (purchasesed thru this site) that expires at the end of May. I have not yet been in to have the Master Cylinder inspected. The cruise control has been fixed once before and doesn't work again. When using reverse, it sometimes will not work and just...
  4. GL1800 Tech Board
    The last few days, I have noticed that my clutch lever does not fully release, or extend back out. Similar to another recent thread, this causes my cruise control to not turn on unless I pushed the lever out. This morning, the lever was really "sticky". I took it off and cleaned it, no...
  5. General MC Message Board
    Hello All, I have a new 2012 GW. It's my first GW and I'm really enjoying it. At the same time, I'm having problems with the amount of effort it takes to keep the throttle open. I know it isn't THAT stiff, but I have a weird muscle disorder and my hands/forearms stiffen up much faster than a...
1-5 of 5 Results