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  1. General MC Message Board
    I have a little PiggyBacker trailer. Works great. But I would like something like a cushion hitch to smooth out the impact on the frame from pulling out and stopping. No such animal currently offered for a 300 pound trailer. Much too light. Suggestions? Ideas? Proposed projects? DIY plans...
  2. Wisconsin (WI)
    Hi, Looking for someone to hook up with that has Mic-o-pegs on their wheels. I am 6'5 with 34 inseam and am looking for some relief for my legs when taking longer rides. They are pricey but I think are what I need. But I would like to see them on a ride before plopping down the bucks. My wife...
  3. General MC Message Board
    Hi all, I just purchased a used Airhawk cushion (not an Airhawk 2). Of course, it came without instructions. I need to know what they recommend when it comes to inflation. Could one of you help me out? Thanks, Bill