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  1. Darkside Riders
    OK, got a Dunlop Wintersport SP R/F (195/55/16) mounted on 2015 Goldie rear wheel but having a heck of a time getting it up into wheel well and onto the lugs. Air is all out (removed stem) but no luck so wondering if there is a trick others use? I will try a sheet of plastic and some tire lube...
  2. Darkside Riders
    Physics says the size of the contact patch is irrelevant to traction. So, I think car tires are probably "safer" because they run COOLER than bike tires. What do you think? Got any evidence?
  3. Darkside Riders
    What is a bead lock? Do I need one? Where would I find one for a Wing?
  4. Darkside Riders
    For those of you that have never seen the GREAT .txt file that Murgie has put together... Take a minute to pop over to and take a look!! Kudos to Murgie for the time it must have taken to put this all together!!!
1-4 of 4 Results