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    Here at F4 Customs we work diligently to provide our customers with the best windshield and air management that you can purchase. The difference in our product and others is that we have a proprietary process and coating that makes the windshield very scratch resistant, shed rain and optically...
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    I have the 2018 standard no rear trunk. The bikes got 900 miles on it today. The 16" windscreen that comes standard might as well not be on there, I should say 6" haha. Driving the bike from Los Angeles to San Francisco on pickup day, my leather jacket wrist cuff kept getting blown sliding up...
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    To all of our loyal customers and customers to be. F4 Customs Inc. is relocating all of its operations to Punta Gorda, Florida. Our shipping and receiving will be closed beginning April 11th and we will start shipping products again no later than May 4th. Our sales and customer service...
  4. F4 Customs
    F4 Customs has several Demo shields at a great savings right now. Give us a call at 330-968-4644 Don
  5. 2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    I'm strongly considering getting an F4 windscreen for my 2018 Tour. I currently have the standard Honda windscreen and my head sticks up a bit into the wind stream and my wife complains a bit about turbulence hitting her. I am just a tad over 6 foot tall and I also use seat beads which raises me...
  6. F4 Customs
    OK folks we would like your input please. Could you post pictures of your windshields and also a review of the product. Tell others your height and what size windshield you purchased from F4 Customs. Lot's of folks call with questions on what height they should purchase however you are the...
  7. F4 Customs
    What height windshield do I need?
  8. F4 Customs
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  10. F4 Customs
    F4 Customs offers different height windshields for the F6B. Please give us a call 330 968 4644. Or visit us at our F6B Page. Click Here! (Stock windshield is approx. 7") This F4 Customs shield provides additional protection over the F6B stock windshield and moves air up and over rider's head...
  11. F4 Customs
    F4 Customs will be at the BBB in Fayettville Arkansas on 9/20 through 9/23. Stop by and see our Highly Scratch resistant windshield for your ride.