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  1. Darkside Riders
    Some questions to all Falken (914) riders : yesterday I did around 85 mph on the highway in a long left when the rear end of the Wing started to wobble a bit. Nothing extreme, but new. The Avon never did that, so : 1. Did that happen to you Falken riders as well? 2. Are you running the tire...
  2. Darkside Riders
    I've been though two sets of stock Bridgestones. They were fine. Now riding E3s and enjoying the faster turning feeling. Looking forward to longer wear. But, just to see, my next set of tires will probably include something a little WIDER. I don't necessarily care about it being a run flat...
  3. Darkside Riders
    I've been riding a Wing for year now and lurking here a little longer. I have decided to mount the Falken. I received the tire and it has the markings inside and outside stamped on each side of the tire. Is there a correct orientation when mounting this tire on the Wing?
1-3 of 3 Results