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  1. The Missing Skill

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    From what I have seen, the Hurt Report, and a recent study on motorcycle accidents in Thailand (lots of bikes over there) the missing skill that allows accidents to happen is not threshold braking, high speed cornering, or the ability to drag your pegs around an orange cone. The missing skill is...
  2. The Three Visual Priorities for Street Riders

    General MC Message Board
    After several close calls lately, I've developed the following Visual Priority List for riding my Wing: 1) At slow speeds and when stopping, look down at something on the pavement. That is the only way your eyes can focus on something useful, change focus as you move, and give you an accurate...
  3. Lean Angle--What's It Mean?

    General MC Message Board
    I don't know for sure what do make of this, but take a look and maybe you can explain it.