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  1. Goldstrike3d
    Show your colors day or night as you proudly display your flag with the help of the LED Lighted Goldstrike™ Flag Pole. With no drilling required, simply select the flag pole with included American flag, and then select your mount. Also works well with any 6"x 9" sized flags. Built-in white LEDs...
  2. How To, Step-by-Step
    Patriot Guard flag Pole Cost less that $30 bucks Elbow 90D EMT 1-1/4 " $7 Couple 1-1/4 " $3 Ace Hardware Lido Closet Pole 48-72" $16 Flag Hardware $2 Required one 4 lb hammer to collapse the end. 3/4" Drill bit or similar Use ball hitch and nut The couple locks and adjust pole.
1-2 of 2 Results