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  1. WTB - Driver's Floor Boards

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    Hello All, Looking for a set of Rivco driver's floor boards...
  2. Dealer Installation Cost Check

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    I purchased an almost stock 2004 Goldwing GL1800 a few months ago and have begun to customize my motorcycle to reflect my idea of what I would like for it to become. I use the word "Become" because custom parts for my Wing are costly to say the least. I just had a new set of Kuryakin Floorboards...
  3. Just ordered Blue 2012 Goldwing w/Motor Trike conversion

    2012 Goldwing Board
    I am new to this forum which was suggested by my Goldwing owning nephew. My Honda dealer just ordered the 2012 Blue Goldwing and the Motor Trike kit for me. They will have it together by the end of the month. I am 64, been riding since I was 23 and have had 12 motorcycles over that time. It's...