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fork rebuild

  1. GL1800 Tech Board
    I just received my new Traxxion Springs (1.2) for my 2005 GL1800. The spring length is only 12.50 inches. The repair manual says that the OEM spring lengths are: new: 13.20 service limit: 12.94 is this normal for the Traxxion springs only setup for the forks? 3/4 of an inch difference seems...
  2. GL1800 Tech Board
    My 05 goldwing has 53000 miiles on it and blew a left front fork seal. Yes, oil blown onto caliper and front of bike and it is coming from the fork seal. I do have a few questions concerning the rebuild. 1. I ordered seals for an 06 model because i read it is upgraded with a few extra parts. Is...