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front end
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  1. General MC Message Board
    Check this out. I WANT one! Tilting Motor Works has them. Comparable price to a standard trike. There is an option that automatically locks the front wheels upright below 3 mph. Anyone else interested in one of these? PS I challenged them to beat my turtle slow #GLGP8 time of 60...
  2. General MC Message Board
    I like my trial set of E3s. However, I just tried inflating the front to the factory recommended 36 psi and don't much like the feeling. I usually run 41/41. The softer front feels like it squishes then catches when I turn. I find the setup with a narrower 70 series rear and standard size front...
  3. GL1800 Tech Board
    Just bought my first Goldwing. I was a HD Ultra Classic owner and fed up with it. Sold the Harley and bought my 01 Goldwing with only 20,000 on it. Bought it from a Honda dealer and was told it had some front fork work done. He didn't really seem to know what exactly, he just said springs. I did...
  4. General MC Message Board
    Okay mechanical geniuses, I need a little help estimating labor for various front end upgrade options. I'm asking for your best guess on the time a dealer would likely charge for insalling different upgrades. So, how long do you think it would take to do the following jobs: Install...
1-4 of 4 Results