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    One set of unused Bridgestone G709/704 GL1800 tires for sale in Denver, CO. $225.00 for the pair. Local pickup preferred. If shipped, pay actual shipping cost. These tires still have the factory stickers on the tread. 704 date code = 1912. 709 date code = 2112.
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    I'm on my third set of tires on my 2012 Wing. Trying a Dunlop E3 in the back and like the faster steering. But soon I'll need a front tire. The current front Bridgestone feels good with the E3. Just wonder if I should buy another Stone, or try the full E3 experience. I usually ride within 10...
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    Hello, all. I have good days and bad days and some days my HANDS aren't as strong as normal. What could I do to make the front brakes "stronger" without making them "grabby"? Most days, if I don't feel well, I just stay off the bike. If I start to get tired riding, I use more rear brake...