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  1. Moto Gymkhana on a Sportster?

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    I know this is a Harley video, but it is fun to see someone using everything they've got and doing a great job. I think a used 883 with some crash bars would make a fun "competition bike."
  2. Attention Cranky Old Men

    The OTE
    Yes, you! All of you cranky old men with bad attitudes who so enjoy busting people's chops and raining on other people's parades. You need to get out and ride more, or you could do something fun, like this ...
  3. Wisconsin's Amish Country

    Rides, Trips and Events
    Good day all... since we are in the dead of winter here in the great state of Wisconsin I thought it would be a good time to get this thread started. If any of you fine folks are from the central Wisconsin area or plan on visiting I have many routes in and around the Amish back roads. Plenty to...
  4. Rider Challenge June 2014

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    Looking for a place to test your slow speed skills? Here is what Lock and Lean has in mind for June 2014 in Michigan. Lock&Lean Street Motorcycle Skills Competition Powered by Midwest Police Motorcycle Training 2014 Welcome to the 1st Annual Lock&Lean Precision Motorcycle Riding Street...
  5. 17th Annual TIRE KICKING Event - Sat. April 21, 2012 - Janesville WI

    Rides, Trips and Events
    Join us in Janesville, WI on Saturday, April 21 for our 17th annual Tire Kicking Event! Many of you from the board have made it to this fun event over the years...don't miss this one! Mark your Calendars! :thumbup: View & Print the flier below...
  6. Twas the night before Christmas

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    I know this is an oldie.... but too fun not to put out there again... Twas the night before Christmas And all through the garages Not a motorcycle was rumbling, Except for Santa Clause's. The leather was hung in the closet with care In hopes that nice weather soon would be there. Our bikes...
  7. Almost p'eed myself

    GL1800Riders Sub. Boards Archive
    THought you might want to see this, i found it funny. but then my inteligence is limited after all :) i reckon he's got it all in this one :lol: