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  1. Funny Signs

    General MC Message Board
    Check these out. Click here for more. Share YOUR funny signs too.
  2. Joan Rivers--Sharp at 80

    The OTE
    Oh, to be even half this vital at 80. Enjoy.
  3. Has This Ever Happened to You?

    General MC Message Board
    Ever had one of those days? I get 'me a lot, but so far, I haven't done this. Watch to the end.
  4. Hyper-Critical Comment-Osis Cure Found

    The OTE
    Do other people's stupid posts make your blood boil? Do you get more pleasure out of a snappy comeback to a Board member than you do from riding your Wing? Having a hard time getting it UP on the center stand? It could be low T. Click the link below and take the low T quiz. Is It Low T?
  5. I Know It's Coming ... Who Will Be First?

    Gold Wing F6B
    I love the F6B. I'm a bagger fan. I been a fan ever since I took the trunk off and left the bags on my Honda CB750K. So, my question is: Who is going to be the first person/company to offer a trunk for the Honda F6B bagger? Corbin? They like that sort of thing. WingStuff? They already have...
  6. How To Look 7-Years Younger

    The OTE
    This just in from MSN: Lots of sex can make you look up to 7 years younger. Here's something that'll get you in the mood: Research has shown that having a healthy sex life can make you look five to seven years younger. According to Dr. David Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the...
  7. Body Position Explained--Finally!

    General MC Message Board
    I've Ben struggling with my body position, but now that I found this video, I've got it all sorted out.
  8. Show This to Your Wife--It's BIG!

    The OTE
    This video is BIG on YouTube--9,000,000 hits of a cat soothing a crying baby. Here is one that's even BIGGER--18,000,000 hits. Okay, wait, THIS video is really Really REALLY big--with 134,000,000 hits. You are right--these videos have NOTHING to do with motorcycles, but they can...
  9. The Alligator in the Road--Funny Story

    General MC Message Board
    Here is a short story I wrote to get in touch with my fictional Ducati-riding/Tailwind-pulling hero Chase Lane (there is a secret reason he doesn't ride a Wing). He is the lead in my "Hotel du Monde" mystery novel. If you enjoy a fast paced and funny story with a motorcycle theme, you may like...
  10. Trading the Wing for a REAL Recreational Vehicle.

    General MC Message Board
    This story, released yesterday (04-01-2012), shows my next vehicle. I've already signed the papers. Get yours today. See you at the lake!
  11. Squid Purity Test

    General MC Message Board
    While wandering around looking for something totally different, I managed to stumble across this relic of history...the Squid Purity Test. My snow-bound brothers & sisters on two wheels will need some entertainment, so I present... Have fun!!
  12. Almost p'eed myself

    GL1800Riders Sub. Boards Archive
    THought you might want to see this, i found it funny. but then my inteligence is limited after all :) i reckon he's got it all in this one :lol: