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  1. GL1800 Tech Board
    Well, this issue started out when my old battery finally died. I had a new Lithium that I thought I would try that I bought a while ago and hauled along on trips last year in case the old battery died on the road, which it finally did this spring. I took the old one out, put while putting the...
  2. GL1800 Tech Board
    I installed the Honda power adapter in the left front pocket a few days after buying my 2012 eight months ago. After 19,800 miles, I had my first rear flat on the way home last Friday. I pulled over and thought it'd be a good chance to attempt my first "plug, fill and scoot" procedure. I...
  3. GL1800 Tech Board
    There are 2 acc. terminals in the fuse block. On works fine and the lower one has now power. Any idea as to why? Are they fused separately? I only see one 5A fuse in the block, which when removed, kills the power to the top acc. screw terminal. Wanted to use both screw terminals. :confused:
1-3 of 3 Results