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gl1800 2012

  1. First time Dark Sider trying to install car tire - need suggestions on tight fit

    Darkside Riders
    OK, got a Dunlop Wintersport SP R/F (195/55/16) mounted on 2015 Goldie rear wheel but having a heck of a time getting it up into wheel well and onto the lugs. Air is all out (removed stem) but no luck so wondering if there is a trick others use? I will try a sheet of plastic and some tire lube...
  2. GL1800 Revision C aka 2012

    General MC Message Board
    1. Bags -expect aftermarket fix...please. 2 Two tone paint makes it look like a victory....paint it all ......yellow? 3 This gl1800 rev C will keep my Gl1800 b 06 in a healthy resale range since there is no real change except a revision. 4. Maintenance will be a no brainier. 4. I expect the air...