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  1. TomTom Rider 550 Review

    General MC Message Board
    When I started shopping for my wing GPS was on my desired list of options but less important to me than year, mileage and overall condition. I have experience with GPS from most major brands and the user interface on the Honda was less than great though the screen positioning was perfect to me...
  2. 2003 Gold Wing For Sale ABS

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    1HFSC474X3A200209 CANDY JUPITER ORANGE, (YR236M) MILEAGE: 113,800 ASKING PRICE: $7500.00 AS of 5/22/19 Kelley BB Trade-inn value on new bike, $5010.00. Dealer asking price, $7870.00 NADA $5010.00. Average retail, $7115.00 See "Added Items.pdf" for items I added to...
  3. ExpertGPS

    2018 Goldwing Board
    Anyone have any experience using this program? I’m wondering if it will create better gps routes than any of the other options, AND work with the Honda nav system for 2018+. I’m having many issues with both HTP and Harley Ride Planner. They show the correct path I’ve created online on the pc...
  4. NER Basecamp Tutorials Updated

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    For those that would like to learn how to use Garmin's Basecamp the New England Riders BaseCamp PC and MAC Tutorials have been updated in early 2019. Thanks to Gérard Friedman we now have a MAC version translated to French.
  5. Honda GPS

    2018 Goldwing Board
    Something new (for me) Today I created a route to a bfst spot and return by a different path. I used two shaping points in BaseCamp and exported via Babel to the Honda system. The route came up as expected without any deviations or U turns. So I intentionally took a different route to the...
  6. Is the CF update for worthwhile for showing more roads

    General MC Message Board
    I have the pre-09 built in navigation with the CF card. Unless I have done something totally wrong initially the system has never shown streets other than state and federal highways. No county roads or small city streets where most of my riding is done. Is an update worthwhile to solve this...
  7. Ram Mount Parts

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  8. I need help in the worst way with 2010 GPS

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I really screwed up this time on my 2010 Wing GPS update. I tried to update the maps on my wing by following a couple of postings here and have somehow LOST EVERYTHING. I thought that I had made a back up of the folders and files on the SD Card and saved to my computer but that apparently is not...
  9. GPS - travel direction bouncing 180 degrees out

    2012 Goldwing Board
    OK, A couple of weeks ago, I did a 125 mile run for a customer visit and everything worked fine. I come out for the nice ride home and the GPS cannot tell which direction I am going. It just turns 180 degrees one way then almost immediately turns the other way 180 degrees. My position is...
  10. Zumo 590 install: Help please

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Hi there! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post, but not likely to be my last. I’m a professional idiot when it comes to things mechanical/electrical and trying to install this GPS unit on my 2008 GL1800. PROBLEM #1: Can I/should I power the GPS from the red 12V accessory socket...
  11. J&M Integratr V

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    New (box opened, components never removed from box) J & M integratr V, MI-2034 for sale $225.00 (originally $499.99) (Bike this was going on has been destroyed) PM if interested
  12. Hollsco Goldwing GPS input *and* Mic-Mutes on a pre-2012 GL1800

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Question for those using the Hollsco Goldwing GPS input *and* Mic-Mutes on a pre-2012 bike... Can the Mic-Mutes toggle on and off the microphone while at the same time the GPS input circuit is still active?
  13. garmin zumo help

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Hi. I'm brand new to posting in forums and I have a problem. I have a zumo on my Goldwing 1800 that the sound is not working anymore. I had a kennedy technology harness that allowed my headset to receive music, interrupts for directions, and a switch to listen to my IPOD. Just got the bike...
  14. Spot 2 Personal Satellite GPS Messenger, Tracker & Locator

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    SOLD Spot 2 Personal Satellite GPS Messenger, Tracker & Locator I'm selling this because I don't use it. Everything works like it should. It is in excellent condition, like new (it pretty much is new since I don't use it). It has a small flake of paint missing on the red S.O.S. button...
  15. Anyone running GPS power cord from cigarette 12v adapter in left glove box???

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Sorry if this is a duplication. Couldn't find a relevant post on the topic despite best efforts. I've ordered a RAM mount to mount my Garmin GPS (Streetpilot c550) on the clutch. The issue is that I only have one cigarette 12v adapter on my 2001 GW (standard left glove box plug & play). I...
  16. Spotwalla

    General MC Message Board
    So I recently purchased a spot tracker and would like to know how to create/end a trip using spotwalla. I see the "create" page with start & end times but what if you don't know your end time? Also once the trip is over do you go back and end it at spotwalla? What about doing the same at the...
  17. Bubbler GPS Android app - Initial Review

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Bubbler GPS I learned a bit about this a couple of months ago from a mail list that I'm on. The premise with this software is to make the collection of GPS points onto a Google Map provided by (Thanks to +Jason Jonas) using my Android phone (currently, Motorola Droid Razr...
  18. Cool Honda GPS Feature

    General MC Message Board
    I went to enter an address into my 2012 Honda GPS on Friday and noticed I could enter a telephone number. So, I typed in the number for our hotel and shownuff, the hotel address filled in and the GPS took us right there. Next day, I put in the cell phone number of a man in Georgia, no joy. Ah...
  19. How to update Navigation unit with free maps that aren't from Garmin

    General MC Message Board
    Here's a way you can get updated maps for your GoldWing Navi (pre 2012 only I think), without having to pay Garmin an exorbitant amount. Don't get me wrong, I believe companies are in business to make a profit, and if Garmin gave me a way to buy a lifetime update for an equivalent price, as I...
  20. Beta Testers wanted for testing Transparent Overlay Maps on GPS

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    I ride a 2010 GoldWing level 2 and a 2002 Honda VTX 1800C. I had long ago equipped my VTX with a Garmin Zumo 550. I went through a long learning curve of all the possibilities afforded by having GPS on my motorcycle. Planning routes, saving favorites and even geo-caching while outriding. I even...