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    2012 GW w/ Navi and 2018 Roadsmith Trike conversion. Fuse #12 St.Stop, 10 amp, blows Here's the problem. I start the bike, put it in first gear, it goes about 100 yards and then dies. At that point, I have all my lights, headlight, turn signals, brake lights, reverse, but I have no ignition...
  2. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Here is the latest cross reference sheet we have for NGK to Pulstar Spark Plugs.
  3. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    What makes Pulstar different from every spark plug on the market is the internal capacitor stores energy delivered by the vehicles ignition coil prior to the spark, and releases it in a 5,000,000 watt plasma-forming pulse. The plasma field sensitizes the fuel mixture, ensuring it ignites...
  4. Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Came across this recently. We love hearing stories like this. Anyone have similar experiences? ~Andrew at Pulstar
1-4 of 4 Results