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kennedy harness

  1. garmin zumo help

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Hi. I'm brand new to posting in forums and I have a problem. I have a zumo on my Goldwing 1800 that the sound is not working anymore. I had a kennedy technology harness that allowed my headset to receive music, interrupts for directions, and a switch to listen to my IPOD. Just got the bike...
  2. Kennedy Dual set & 2610 Garmin GPS wire harness

    Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    Looking for Kennedy dual set device and a Kennedy wire harness that has the 2610 GPS style plug... I have a single set Kennedy device, want to add GPS to the bike since I bought a level 1 GL1800
  3. Zumo 550/iTouch/Bluetooth-enabled Cell Phone

    Electronic motorcycle devices
    Can anyone tell me which Kennedy harness to use to get GPS alerts, iTouch music, XM radio, and cell phone connectivity on my '09 GL1800? I want to be able to hear all of the above in my helmet and the speakers. My cell phone is bluetooth-enabled. I got the Zumo 550 to use in lieu of the Honda...