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  1. 2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    Maybe I did something wrong, but I installed the Pathblazer as per the instructions after it came in the mail today, and only my left headlight works. I emailed them, but I haven't received a response yet. Anyone here ever have that issue?
  2. Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    <<<PURCHASED - Kisan PathBlazer Headlight Modulator P115W-D Plug-in>>> PURCHASED - Kisan PathBlazer Headlight Modulator P115W-D Plug-in Would prefer new in package with instructions but will consider used depending on price... Hoping to help someone clear their extra inventory and save a few...
  3. GL1800 Tech Board
    Installed the Kisan Pathfinder Headlight Modulator on my 2007 ABS GW today, with the help and moral support of a good friend. Took one look at the left high beam and realize all the other posters comments about this being a pain in the a__ were correct. Although I have small hands I had no...
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