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  1. Kury Trunk Rack and Bag

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Kury Trunk Rack including Risers. Includes Luggage Rack Bag with rain cover. Condition: Next to perfect New: $300+ Sell: $225.00 including shipping.
  2. Looking for a set of used MBL, Kury or the old REG adjustable handlebar risers

    Gl1800 Trikes
    >>LOCATED THEM!<< Do you have a used set of MBL (standard), Kury or the original REG adjustable risers you want to sell? I'm looking for the risers that will position the handlebars up, back and inward. Have unsuccessfully used the simple wedges and they didn't pull the bars inward. Have...
  3. Kuryakyn Trailer Hitch Question

    MC Trailer Board
    I contacted the head of the service department at Schroder's Honda in Hendersonville, NC about installing a trailer hitch on my 2012. They sell trailers and do a good bit of hitch installations and trike conversions. He recommended the 2010 Kuryakyn hitch but modification to make it fit the 2012...
  4. Where to Get Suspension Upgrades in North Carolina?

    North Carolina (NC)
    I want to add a trailer hitch and upgrade the suspension (including Progressive Mono Tubes and Rocky's Trippe Tree) on my 2012 Wing. I'm not sure I trust my local dealer--they are afraid to check the oil on a GL1800, never mind change a rear spring! So, I called around and here is what I found...