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    The bike is a 2008 GL1800. I purchased the Kuryakan Pulsating Brake light. I am looking for the green and red wire under the seat, which I think I found. I used the light/continuity tester, and it binks when I pull the brake, but once connected, the pulsating unit does not blink. I am lost...
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    Kury drivers back rest. Leather is good. Inside of mounts (where they go against the bike) are pitted. Chrome bars are great. No rips or tears. Bought the bike at 33K, had 45K on it when I took it off (came with bike ). Where it removes from the bike has gotten a little scratched as it fits...
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    Did you ever lose one of these? It goes in here if you know what this is.. Well, if you have some left over scraps of hose... a couple of short pieces work great as a substitute for the part you might have lost.. .. they are working in "compression" so two short pieces are VERY strong (and...
  4. GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    *** SOLD *** *** Price Reduced *** I sold my 2007 Goldwing and got the 2012 Goldwing. I removed the Kuryakyn trailer hitch from the 2007, but it will not fit the 2012. So now the trailer hitch is for sale. It's in great shape and I have all the parts for it. I would like $150 + shipping.