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  1. More Installation Videos!

    Hey Gold Wing community! We have been working hard to push out as many Goldstrike installation videos as possible while also working hard designing new products. We've recently added a few new installation videos including ones for our Fork Leg Covers, LED Saddlebag Lights, and LED Trunk Light...
  2. 2005 GL 1800 LEDS or HIDS ? Lighting Questions ?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Fixing to change out to LED's or HID's for both Low Beam and High Beams. Only want to do this once, so want to make the best decisions. Thinking about these for both Low Beam and High Beams " "...
  3. LED fog/day/turn signals to UK spec GL18?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Anyone managed it? I've fitted the lamps, and the fogs work perfectly. Connecting the DRL/turn signals is a bit more awkward, as the connectors supplied have three wires, and UK spec bikes only have two. Obviously, I could splice inthe turn signals without too much difficulty, but where to...
  4. Kury Amber Ring of Fire

    Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    Need a replacement LED strip. Anyone with just one rotor cover can help. Thanks Never mind, I performed surgery on the LED strip and reinstalled. Fortunately it worked.
  5. Led controllers for MC

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Flea Bay had gobs of cheap LED controllers. My "A" plan is to buy RGB sound modulated controls. Build a set of LED controlled lights. Find a place to mount in the Wing and.....Miata MX5 NC GT (Ground effects only). So, anyone care to input suggestions for placement and equipment. The Plan is to...
  6. LED connectors

    General MC Message Board
    Could the electric types please explan the different wiring fitting on LED strips. Some come in single or three color strips. with fittings I have never used before. So I'm asking for a primer on the strip lights and fittings. Links would be ok. I started reading the below link on strip number...
  7. Rollin Eyes Accent Lighting

    General MC Message Board
    Cool new product to give your ride some personality called, Rollin' Eyes. I know Virginia and other states restricts lighting to amber, red and white, except for showcase and parade environments, but I like how it's customizable via smartphone, waterproof and impact resistant. Here is the link...
  8. Drag Specialties Euro-Style LED Trunk Brake Lights

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    SOLD !!! Used for about 18 months, but decided I liked the OEM better. In good condition and were working perfectly when removed. Asking $30 plus $10 shipping (Lower-48 only)
  9. LED lights to replace all stop/run/turn bulbs on 2012 GL1800 Trike

    Gl1800 Trikes
    I want to replace all the Stop/Run/Turn bulbs in my 2012 GL1800 Motor Trike. I believe the type of bulbs used are the 74xx series. 7440 for single intensity and 7443 for dual intensity. Can someone please confirm that before I order the LED bulbs? If that series is correct, I need: 2 x 7443...
  10. "Chrome Glow" LED lighting kit pictures?

    General MC Message Board
    I'm considering the GL1800 LED lighting kit from Chrome Glow: It's a bit pricey, and I'm curious if anyone has installed this on their GL1800 and what it looks like. Anyone have pictures to share? I can't seem to find any...