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  1. GL1800 Tech Board
    Hi, just a question : is there a sequence to reinstall the switch?
  2. General MC Message Board
    I'm about to order some MBL risers from WingStuff and want to get a brake light modulator too. I'd just like my standard 2012 brake lights to pulse a few times then stay on. More and more traffic is making me feel paranoid, I guess. Suggestions? Favorites? Problem children? Thanks.
  3. General MC Message Board
    Bought my 2003 GL1800a recently. It has a green button/light with what looks like a headlight and some straight lines with some squiggly lines on it. Lights up when I turn on the key. It is just to the right of my hazard light switch. My owner's manual doesn't show anything in that position -...
  4. General MC Message Board
    I've been looking at fog lights--not so much to see better in the fog, but for added visibility to other drivers. I'm actually pretty happy with the stock headlight on the 2012 Wing. I see a very bright, very white light that shows where I'm going well. I don't speed--especially at night. So...
1-4 of 4 Results