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  1. NIITWIt Rally 12 hour and 36 hour; Oct 21-22 and free rally clinic

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    A N.I.I.T. W.IT is someone who is “Not In It To Win It”. In other words, it’s the kind of rider who is more interested in riding some great roads and seeing some cool stuff than in bringing home a trophy. This rally is for those riders. In this rally, riders will lose points for having fun and...
  2. 2013 Idaho Tour of Honor Ride

    Rides, Trips and Events
    Last week my wife and I decided to make a quick run through Idaho and pick up the checkpoints for the 2013 Tour of Honor. Below is a link to our 3.4 day, 1740 mile ride through the heart of Idaho. If you've not done one of these...
  3. Houston Tx help

    General MC Message Board
    My buddy and I are doing the 50cc in early May with the MTF. We are headed east to west and it looks like we will get to Houston during rush hour. I hear that their is an HOV land that will help get us through quicker. And that there is really only one chance to get into this lane. Does...