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  1. Fred Harmon DVD Set

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    Sold the bike so I have a Fred Harmon DVD set for sale. It is a 16-Disc DVD set for 2006 with Disc 17 and Disc 18 for the 2009 GL1800 Update. I would like to get $85 for the set including shipping to the lower 48. ****DVD's Sold and Shipped******
  2. 12,000 Mile Service--Where to Go?

    North Carolina (NC)
    My 2012 Wing is ready for its 12,000 checkup. I could take the bike to Gastonia (where I bought it), Shelby (they do a lot of GL trikes and did my front suspension), or Charlotte (I don't know them, but you would think they would do a lot of volume). Suggestions? :shrug: Also, would you do...
  3. Airbag Model Maintenance

    General MC Message Board
    Are there specific maintenance procedures that need to be followed when working on airbag models? I had a 2005 ABS model that I basically tore apart and built up again to install various Hondaline options and third party parts (taller windshield, CB, brake light modulator, etc). I'm planning to...
  4. Advice request: 24K mile Air Filter Change

    General MC Message Board
    I am in the process of performing the 24,000 mile air filter change on my 2005 Goldwing. During my inspection, only a few specticles of dirt were found. The air filter was last changed during the 12,000 mile maintenance performed by a local independent shop. My question to you, would you replace...