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  1. Building a Cafe Racer

    General MC Message Board
    This video isn't about building a GL1800RR, but it could be.
  2. Goldwing Mechanic in Houston named Buck or other good mechanic in Texas

    General MC Message Board
    Hello fellow Goldwing riders, I have heard talk from these Forums of a man named "Buck" that does good work in Houston. I found an email address that did not work. If anybody has contact info or knows a good and fair mechanic in Texas would you please let me know. I'm actually in Waco, TX but...
  3. Mechanic Needed in Boerne/Kerrville/West San Antonio. Passing through

    Texas (TX)
    Just ariived in the area today. Developed a squel in my brakes. Can anyone recommend a local mechanic that can put it up on a lift and check the brake pads for me? If so, email me at [email protected] Thanks, Dwayne