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  1. Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    I need a wired headset with lower cord. I've got a brand new full face helmet and I do not want Bluetooth. I figure all I need is to plug my phone into the auxiliary, stow it in the left fairing pocket and I'll have music and phone. I ride solo. Anyone have a good headset to sell? Thanks, Bill
  2. GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    JM Headsets/Intercom 2 Complete Sets. - Includes 2 sets of speakers, mics and cords. All in working condition. Asking $150. + Shipping. Make me an offer.
  3. GL1800 Tech Board
    Hello... '05 GL 1800 - One of my mics has gone bad. Works sometime for a while, then cuts out. May come back on its won, sometimes if you smack it a couple of times, but no always. I'm thinking that the mic has gone bad. The set is originally an JM audio. So - looking to see if anyone has...
1-3 of 3 Results