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  1. Idea Donation: Modulator/Horn/Gizmo

    General MC Message Board
    There are some very clever board sponsors and business men on this forum. I hope one of you will find this idea useful and send me a prototype for testing. :smile2: Here is my idea donation to you: A GIZMO THAT FLASHES THE HEADLIGHTS WHEN I USE THE HORN. Personally, I hate headlight...
  2. <<<WTB - Kisan PathBlazer Headlight Modulator P115W-D Plug-in>>>

    Wanted or WTB Classifieds
    <<<PURCHASED - Kisan PathBlazer Headlight Modulator P115W-D Plug-in>>> PURCHASED - Kisan PathBlazer Headlight Modulator P115W-D Plug-in Would prefer new in package with instructions but will consider used depending on price... Hoping to help someone clear their extra inventory and save a few...
  3. LED Headlight Bulbs and Modulator Combination Suggestions?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Hey All, I have an '09 wing and recently changed out all my back end bulbs and turn signals to SoCalMoto LED bulbs. Now I am looking to change out the headlights from stock OEM halogen to LED's and add a headlight modulator. I've looked at Kisan, SoCalMoto, can't seem to find the right...
  4. Please a Recommend a Brake Light Mudulator

    General MC Message Board
    I'm about to order some MBL risers from WingStuff and want to get a brake light modulator too. I'd just like my standard 2012 brake lights to pulse a few times then stay on. More and more traffic is making me feel paranoid, I guess. Suggestions? Favorites? Problem children? Thanks.