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  1. Some Women Couldn't Ride a Gold Wing

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    Let's be honest. Some women don't have what it takes to ride a Gold Wing. "It's too big." "It's too heavy." "I'm scared." On the other hand, some women aren't one bit scared and can handle a motorcycle, probably ANY motorcycle, better than most men. Like THIS young lady for example.
  2. Moto Gymkhana on a Sportster?

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    I know this is a Harley video, but it is fun to see someone using everything they've got and doing a great job. I think a used 883 with some crash bars would make a fun "competition bike."
  3. Take the #GLGP8 Challenge--If You Dare!

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    Hello All: If you want to have some fun, I invite you to take the Moxie Nixx #GLGP8 Challenge. Watch the video, then grab 4 old socks, or gloves, or actual cones, and your cell phone camera. See if you can beat my time on this simple figure 8 setup. The GP8 is a standard Moto Gymkhana event...
  4. Dancing with the Big Girl's Cousine

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    I don't know why I like this, but I just do. Amazing! Sleek. Powerful. Fun. Does anyone else want to try this on their Gold Wing?
  5. Learning Slow Speed Control--Looks Fun

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    Here is an exercise you can try in a parking lot near you. There is a secret here. See if you can figure out what it is.
  6. Maybe the White Ones are Faster

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    Check this out! In Japan, the fast guys ride WHITE Wings.
  7. If You Can't Do THIS, You Are a ...

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    In theory, we could all ride like this in the rain. You don't loose THAT much traction on wet roads, and Wings are nice and heavy to cut through the water, but holly cartwheels, I don't think I have the skills, or the stones, to ride like THIS guy. How about you? If you can, I'd love to see...
  8. Want to Learn Top Gun Motor Officer Skills?

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    If you enjoy watching the amazing skills of motor officers running a cone course, Top Gun or Moto Gymkhana, you might want to take the Basic Motor Officer Course at MotoMark1 in North Carolina. This course is a full week plus night riding learning high speed, low speed, cornering, dealing with...