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  1. New Product! Goldstrike Camera Mount

    The Goldstrike Camera Mount can be used to mount any camera that uses the GoPro style mounting. The Camera Mount holds the camera secure while still allowing a great degree of adjustment. Never miss the perfect shot again! Features: Easy installation Attaches to the bottom bolt on your mirror...
  2. Radenso Pro SE Moto Radar Detector motorcycle mount

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Earlier this year after extensive research I purchased a Radenso Pro SE RD and love it. Small in size huge in performance (Hey not bad!). My plan was if I was satisfied w/it that I would purchase the moto version which I have. Now I need a mount for my 2008 GL1800. I have my trusty 550 Zumo...
  3. Do you foresee any clearance issues with this GoPro mount?

    GL1800 Tech Board
    With the bike on the center stand I measured 4.5 inches of clearance between the fender and the lowest point of the mount. Should I worry about contact with the fender? I really like this location...mount coming lose won't be an issue and it's very rigid...Thanks
  4. JOBY GOPRO Mount

    GL1800 Pics and Videos
    I've been looking for a good mount for my GoPro 3. I think the helmet mounts work great, but look to geeky for me. I ran across the Joby Mount. They are made for skaters, but will work for the Goldwing. I'm going to try all types of places to see what works best. The link below will show you the...
  5. Video Cameras and their mount

    GL1800 Tech Board
    I have seen some great riding videos on the forum recently. Those got me to thinking that I'd like to video tape some of my rides. What cameras do you guys taking the videos use? What is the best camera out there for use on a motorcycle? Do you mount your camera so it is behind the...
  6. GoPro Roll Bar mount on engine guard

    General MC Message Board
    ok, ok, I know there as been lots of threads on Gopro and mounting to the GL1800. I did search and I think I have read every thread there was here and most places on the web. Anyway, been playing with different mounting positions and I was wondering if anyone as any experience with the Roll Bar...