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navi update

  1. Issues Downloading the SWDL.ISO file for Nav Update

    2018 Goldwing Board
    Hey there...I've downloaded the recent update for the 2018+ models several times. Each time it downloads as a zip file and when I unzip it I don't see the SWDL.ISO file that I need to install on my bike. I only have a folder called, "SWDL" that contains a bunch of sub-folders. Any suggestions...
  2. Is the CF update for worthwhile for showing more roads

    General MC Message Board
    I have the pre-09 built in navigation with the CF card. Unless I have done something totally wrong initially the system has never shown streets other than state and federal highways. No county roads or small city streets where most of my riding is done. Is an update worthwhile to solve this...
  3. Navi update for 2014 GL1800 ?

    Took my new 2014 Goldwing comfort Navi ABS out for a spin the other day and noticed that the stretch of highway that has been up for a little over a year now didn't show up on my map. I just love it when it looks like your traveling over nothing. Anyway, that got me exploring how I could...
  4. 2007 navi update

    General MC Message Board
    I am unable to find the thread: "how to update your NAVI to the latest of everything" so here goes: I downloaded the 4.60 firmware and installed it. I can recognize all points of interest and search by name, so it is not the Firmware that stopped this feature. I am...