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  1. Flying across country to a dealer to pick up 2018 Gold Wing DCT standard. Any lessons learned??

    2018 & Up Goldwing Board
    I'm flying to Los Angeles on Tuesday, followed by an quick18 minute Uber ride, to the pay the dealer, and I will be ready to drive the brand-new 2018 standard DCT Gold Wing back to San Francisco. I've been drooling šŸ˜›šŸ¤Ŗover the 2018 DCT for 2 years now, finally going to pull the trigger. Barely...
  2. Number 1006 signing on

    Darkside Riders
    We just finished installing our new ct on our 05 and so far, we are loving every mile. We are getting ready to ride up to wingding next week and will be running two up w trailer so we are hopeful this will be a much better ride. We've read a lot on this board and look forward to sharing our...
  3. Forced to the Darkside.....And Loving It!!

    Darkside Riders
    About a year ago, I threw caution to the wind, ignored Honda engineers, and went withan Avon 70 series rear tire. I had heard the stories about that tire delaminating, but after 5000 miles on it all seemed to be going well. About 6000 miles into a 8000 mile trip, I woke up to a flat rear tire. I...