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  1. <<FOR SALE-Electrical Connection #03205 Universal Ground Loop Isolator w/ 3.5mm>>

    GL1800 Classifieds- 4 Sale by Owner
    <<SOLD-Electrical Connection #03205 Universal Ground Loop Isolator w/ 3.5mm>> SOLD to 2WheelNut I have an extra Electrical Connection #03205 Universal Ground Loop Isolator with 3.5mm jack for $23.00 including shipping...
  2. Video: Transmission noise and in need of advice

    GL1800 Tech Board
    Hello All, Sorry to create another thread to go with the other hundred (which I've all read) on transmission noise. I'm on my first Gold Wing (switched from an ST1300) and it's making horrible noises. It's a 2009 which I bought 3-weeks ago with 9,600 km on it. The video is me trying to...
  3. New Canadian forum member with alternator/noise questions

    General MC Message Board
    Hello to you all, My name's Pete, and I live in Ontario, Canada and I'm a Vehicle Technician in the Canadian Army. I moved to Canada from the UK in 2011, and as a nice welcome gift they took my motorcycle licence away. A few years and many dollars later, I now have it back again. I've...
  4. Oh, My Jangled Nerves!

    MC Trailer Board
    My little PiggyBacker is a fine trailer, but it jangles! I think it's those darned safety chains. Clang! Wang! Click! I can't stand it. (Oh, the bells, the BELLS!) Does anyone use safety wires? Safety ropes? Safety chain in a rubbery tube? Suggestions welcome to this serious (well, seriously...
  5. Hearing a slight buzzing/ringing noise after start up

    General MC Message Board
    I have been noticing a faint buzzing to ringing noise after starting my Goldwing GL1800. I have a helmet on, so it sounds slight. It sounds like it is coming from the front left handlebar area, but can't be sure. Everything works just fine and all fluids check out. Has anyone heard this...
  6. Card in bicycle spoke sound when clutch disengaged

    Gl1800 Trikes
    I have a 2007 that was MotorTriked in 2010. I just had the clutch discs replaced as well as the spring. I hear a clicking noise similar to a baseball card positioned against the spokes of a bicycle - rat a tat tat. This noise occurs when in 2nd to 4th gear and the clutch lever is pulled in. It...